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About Steampunk Abyss

"We didn't know much about why the Architects built DucPoint.

It has been said that humanity in their pursuits to better themselves lost that which makes them human..."- Thera Graey, 3rd Aeon

Diary entry found in the labyrinth. 7th Aeon - Dax, If they find this, I ask you not to pursue the life of a runner. The dangers of the Labyrinth have long been known. The ever shifting halls and defenses are of course well documented. However their is a hidden danger that we keep to ourselves. One that haunts us at moments that we can't predict. A fire in a tavern, a strike of a gunsmiths hammer, or a smile of a child. However there is one time we can be certain of the torment. Its in every moment we sit alone in the dark...  *Blood has made the rest of the page illegible*

Let me introduce myself, I'm Dax of the 8th Aeon. That journal entry was the last thing my mother ever wrote. It now sits in a case in a museum dedicated to the runners of the 7th Aeon. The school children of the 9th Aeon visit it on field trips while they listen to a retired runner talk about the glory days before the runners were disbanded. They talk of the victories that were won and the technologies that were recovered that shaped the life of DucPointe. Few talk about the "Last Note", or as its most commonly called, the Cowards Note. I will redeem my family name. I am part of the first wave of Depth Exploration Bot (D.E.B.) pilots. I will push into the labyrinth until I have found the codex. I will return us to the surface and I will claim the technology above.


 Steampunk Abyss is at its heart a game about finding crazy weapons and then modding them each run to take them to the next level. Its about finding abilities - from support abilities that refill your steam reserves to the more bombastic Ion Burst that vaporizes enemies. The core gameplay loop consist of:

  • Set up your build of guns and abilities
  • Blast your way through the levels
  • Mod your gun on the fly
  • Loot

Each run the Labyrinth shifts. New mods and enemies appear as you get further into the dungeon. Each run adds to your power and allows you to come closer to the surface. Watch out for the enemies, living and dead, because if you fail to scrap the wreckage of fallen foes who knows what horrors the Labyrinth may assemble...

At this point we have 70 guns completely working and have a rudimentary outline of 100 more. From the initial pistol to the rapid fire 5 pellet Hellfire Shotgun that sets your enemies on fire. We also plan on releasing new guns regularly post launch.

After you have defeated the Labyrinth there are several activities you can pursue to continue to build up your arsenal. Endless mode, hoard mode, and raids are already partially prototyped.

Post Kickstarter: We are going to focus in on polishing up the run based gameplay. While the hub is not yet showcase ready this is where most of this will occur. Here you will acquire upgrades to your D.E.B. that allow you to move faster, bring more guns, apply status effects more often. Additionally you can increase your speed, shield, hp, and steam reserves using the gears of the bots you've destroyed.

We are also developing our mod system. With the mod system every gun has the potential to gain new abilities, elemental damage, effects, or fire modes. Fill the up to four mod slots with various mods of different rarities and each run the gun feels completely new.


We are currently targeting PC and Xbox One. We would like to expand to target other platforms. 

We plan on releasing all DLC free.  

Support our Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2TmpVXj

Join our Community on Discord! https://discord.gg/h6asRVD

Journalists can contact us for press kit and additional information: jordan_shelton@comcast.net 


 I've been working on Steampunk Abyss for about a year. At the start I was only able to work a few hours here and there as I was attending school and working full time. However I was finally able to quit my job and focus on building a prototype and put together a team. We are now working full time to get this project off the ground. I am excited to be putting this project out there. 

The Team

Jordan Shelton - Lead programmer and designer. I have 12 years of programming experience and 10 of that is in Gamemaker. I have also dabbled in Unity and Unreal at various times in the past. I love games, especially as a tool for story telling.


I'm Thomas, aka Bahototh -  I'm an indie artist/designer from Finland. I have been pushing the pixels for quite a few years, all the way from the C64 and Amiga days. I do the majority of the graphics for Steampunk Abyss and loving the really creative and fun teamwork. My pixel blog: www.bahototh.blogspot.fi

Hello my name is Gregory Belos - I'm the Composer for Steampunk Abyss. I’m a french student of Music so most of my time is spent either making music, playing video games or sleeping (in bed or in class). I have some experience with game jam and some games that are still being worked on. My job for the project is to make music for the trailer. If you want to check what I make here is a link to my portfolio : https://soundcloud.com/gregory-belos
Gregory Bellos
World Wide Web Surfing Dinosaur (Kyle Rausch) - I am an amateur musician from Canada. By day, I work in the food industry. By night, I compose music and play the tuba in a local band. When I'm not doing any of those things, you'll likely find me playing a mix of video games and board games, baking the odd cake or getting lost in a good book. I have been composing music for myself and various unpublished projects for 8 years and I have a B.A. in Music. The main program I use is Logic and I'm also in the process of learning how to use Little Sound DJ. I am the team's music composer.  If you'd like to hear more of my work, check out my youtube channel or my sound cloud page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtcr89GT0r6tVkG7BYm1P9A https://soundcloud.com/www-surfing-dinosaur-554024736/tracks
Kyle Rausch


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